Higher Self - Inner Being Crown Chakra Meditation & Ritual Oil

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Connect to your higher consciousness with this unique & delightful blend of  copper, spiritual herbs, oils, and Flower Spirits with magical properties to connect to your inner being for guidance and communication.  The herbal presence in this oil will stimulate your crown Chakra, third eye energy, & psychic abilities to create a psychic connection to your Higherself. 

This Oil is Infused with copper. Copper conducts spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world so this addition will strengthen your intentions and your connection to your higherself and spirit guides.

This is a very strong plant medicine with powerful energy. It will stimulate & open your crown chakra, please take proper precautions & ground when opening your crown chakra to spiritual energies. Check out my grounding ritual mist and root chakra grounding oil to compliment this oil.

You can use this aromatherapy elixir in a spiritual bath. You could anoint yourself or a candle. You also can diffuse it, inhale it or just simply hold and meditate with it.