Manifest Money & Love with Zen Mommy's Miracle Meditation Spray

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Manifest Miracles with My Abundance Sprays.  I handcrafted and created sprays with the intentions to manifest abundance with the Law of Attraction. 

These sprays are of an extremely high vibration. I infused them with crystals and the energy of the Full Moon. Using high vibration essential oils just one spray will not only remove negative energy from your atmosphere but  will fill any area with positive high vibrational energy aligning you to the timeline of manifesting your desires rather they be money or love. Charged with Reiki & High Vibration Healing energy..

Instructions: This Spray is sacred so handle it with love and respect, place on your meditation alter if you have one. Before going into meditation hold the spray and channel positive energy and thoughts into the bottle. Set your intention on the desires you wish to manifest and spray however much you feel guided to spray and use it as much as you desire. If you like make up your own ritual there is no wrong way to use this, so trust your inner guidance.